The Waterfront Artist Sanctuary

The Waterfront Artist Sanctuary

I welcome you to my blog, my site and sanctuary from all that is happening in the world around us.  This is not a place to take sides or debate or get angry or gloat or demand or go wild with extreme emotions.  It is a place of peace and inspiration.  It is a place I come to share the beauty of life, in all its forms that can be found if you take the time to simply look.  Whether it is the click of the camera, a pen or brush in the hand, or a digitally created image, this space is dedicated simply to sharing my artistry, my words, and what I find to be special and beautiful throughout my days.

So put politics, pressure, problems, and attitudes aside and take a deep breath.  Just simply relax for a bit.  Full disclosure... I am a child of God and he does influence me greatly in life so know that his influence is also a part of these pages.

Thank you for stopping by and for your time. It is such a tremendous commodity and I now have much more of it since I retired a few years ago.  Previously dedicating crazy hours to my company, my wonderful clients, and satisfying projects was truly fulfilling.  But these days I relish waking up and knowing that there are no demands on my time.  And that I can choose how to creatively spend each day.  But mostly I am blessed to share my days with my incredible husband and partner.  And its a good life :)

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